Why buy TimberTrail vs the competition?

Whereas many of the commercially available e-bikes are simply re-branded knock-off products that can be found on open markets, our products are personally designed and tested by us. Our all-wheel drive e-bike provides more power and features than the competition and at a surprisingly affordable price. Compare for yourself.


Why is all-wheel drive important?

There are several reasons, including safety and performance. A single-wheel drive e-bike, no matter what the wattage, can bog down and lose traction and power on loose or slippery surfaces, or even on a slight incline. Our two-wheel drive system is able to power through mud, snow, sand, and hills with little or no slippage and less chance of a spinout, and less chance of a dangerous fall.  


What is Walk/Mule mode?

This feature is enabled by pressing the down button for approximately 3 seconds. The bike will move forward in either rear-wheel or all-wheel drive mode, as selected. This can be used to navigate extreme terrain or to pull a fully loaded utility cart to an area where riding can be resumed.


Can I ride my TimberTrail e-bike on public lands?

On 8/29/2019, Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt signed order #3376 to allow electric bike access to all road and trails where traditional bicycles are allowed to go. E-bikes will now be treated like bicycles on lands managed by the Department of the Interior, as long as the rider is using the vehicle in pedal- assist mode.