Two guys from Central PA.  Avid outdoorsmen.  Friends.  In 2017, we began a quest to find a quality fat tire electric bike that we could ride anywhere, from running errands in town to traversing fields, trails, and mountain streams.  We wanted something that wasn’t available in the marketplace.  Something that would be powerful yet quiet and versatile.  So we spent the next 2 years developing, testing and redesigning a patent-pending design that would meet our goals.  Truth be told, our all-wheel drive e-bike exceeded our expectations.  But we still weren’t satisfied, so we started all over with a new frame and upgraded components. The end result is the all new 1750W Monster and 1500W Beast models, as well as a new step-through version of the Beast. We are proud to offer these models to you, along with accessories that we designed. The accessories, designed and manufactured in the USA, include a utility cart, a bow/gun/treestand rack, and a trailer hitch for transporting your new e-bike to destinations unknown.  We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

Brian and Bruce